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Automotive Marketing Agency- Drivers Job Description

Price: $500

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Pay: $500 /

The 11 Automotive Marketing Agency (11 Auto) operates in the Washington DC area. We Provide vehicles for drivers who are excited about earning money through several different levels of service. We function similar to agencies with traditional driver positions where passengers request a ride through an app and drivers accept the request, transporting passengers to the destination provided via internal communication within the app. After the ride, a passenger makes the payment for the service through the app. allowing drivers to earn tips from the passengers particularly during peak hours where ambitious drivers may readily earn more income. Passengers rate drivers after each ride which may also help a driver earn more money.
11 Auto is looking to hire service-minded, independent and ambitious drivers to join our 11 Automotive Marketing Team! As a driver, you must carry passengers and/or packages to their destination in a safe manner. Driver responsibilities include attending phone calls, responding to passengers in a friendly manner, picking up passengers from the location shown in the app and dropping them safely in a timely manner. It is your duty to help to increase customer satisfaction making clients continue to use our service. You must regularly clean and maintain the vehicle and plan each route based on the road and traffic condition.
The ideal candidate must possess strong communication skills, adhere to punctuality, and maintain courteousness on and off the road.
11 Auto Driver Responsibilities and Duties:
11 Auto drivers must use a company provided vehicle
Must strictly follow the safety rules and regulations of the DMV area where you provide service
Must have a history of safe driving skills and abilities
Ability to manage routes using app technology
Ensure passenger reaches their destination safely while creating customer satisfaction
The vehicle should be cleaned regularly and maintenanced for minor repairs
Must have a courteous and polite demeanor with customers

Must properly follow the navigation direction from GPS
Create a log and maintain proper documentation to track mileage, maintenance, and other expenses
11 Auto Driver Skills and Qualification:
Must have had experience in customer service
Must have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record
Must be familiar with a GPS device
Knowledgeable about various routes, roads, and shortcuts
Able to lift heavy luggage or carry multiple bags without dropping anything
Require high school diploma/GED
Must be 21 years of age
Great time management skills and communication skills
Available to work on weekend and night shifts; MUST be available during PEAK suggested delivery hours (0500h-1400h) and (1700h-2200h) which are subject to change
Shifts will be 12 hours long with a 2 hour breaks, you must be available for the entire shift
Must have a friendly demeanor
Must always maintain a professional/professional casual appearance
Able to remain calm while driving in bad weather conditions and while stuck with traffic
Ability to sit for long periods of time
Additional Recommended Skills:
Great at Multitasking
Bilingual or Multilingual
Awareness & Accountability
Positive Energy

We look forward to expanding the 11 Automotive Marketing Team and are excited to continue to serve those around us through our passion for cars and community!

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