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Let me ask you a question.. if you were sick and injured and could not work, would you still receive a FULL paycheque?

Most people's answers are the same-N0.

Well let me introduce you to supplemental insurance. Our almost 100 year old company, will cover you both inside and outside of work, Canada and the U.S, regardless of occupation or hobbies. Plus it pays in addition to workers compensation, group coverage, and government employment income!

Supplemental Insurance is a type of insurance designed to fill the gaps in ones current disability group plan. It is NOT designed to REPLACE your current plan. It can help "TOP UP" the benefits that you are entitled to when the unexpected occurs and also payout for a lot of accidents and sicknesses that your current plan may NOT cover.

Our accident coverage starts as low as $14/month and family coverage as low as $34/month!

For a complimentary needs assessment to show you how this coverage can benefit you and your family, feel free to contact me.

Isn't it worth a look at to protect your number one asset- your ability to earn and income, and your paycheque?!?!?!?

Peace of mind protection!

Contact me by phone or email: [email protected]

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